A System that Works Right because it’s Managed Right.

A VAHMS Managed Access Control solution will provide you with a secure facility without having to develop access control expertise. That's right: add new staff, change timezones on doors, print new badges, lock/unlock doors – just have an authorized representative contact M3T for system modifications. And, with the reduced costs of the program, doors once considered too expensive for access control can now be included as part of your security program.

Leave the security to the experts.

  • Entire system is professionally managed and maintained by security experts using best practices
  • No training or specialized knowledge required
  • Regularly scheduled reports to proactively manage your business security needs
  • Door Locking and Unlocking Concierge Services
  • Automated, Customized Reports
  • Badging Credential Services – Inquire about custom badge design

Contact us today to find out if VAHMS Managed Access it the right fit for your organization.
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If you’re like thousands of business owners or managers, security is NOT your core business. However, it’s obviously a critical business necessity, so it’s important to assess your current situation.

What is your current security situtation?

Ever had these security issues?
  • Doors unlocked on holidays?
  • Problems with PC crashes and too much time spent reconfiguring systems?
  • Employees or visitors granted inappropriate access due to lax policies (buddy system)?
  • You don’t get the reports you need due to lack of training on system?
  • System doesn’t operate as expected?

Do you practice these security “Best Practices”?

Assess Security