VAHMS Hybrid Video Surveillance Solution... The Best of Both.

VAHMS Hybrid Video is a combination of the Hosted and Local VAHMS solutions for clients that prefer a managed onsite server, where maintenance and support of the video surveillance network is controlled by M3T. This solution is for sites that do not have an ideal internet connection, yet require a high quality of recorded video combined with the mobility of the traditional VAHMS solution.


Other VAHMS Solutions.

VAHMS Hosted Video simplifies security for clients. This solution is about saving the client time and money. It limits your investment to the camera(s) and an Internet connection, instead of having to maintain the recording and monitoring station locally. There is nothing for the client to worry about – M3T handles everything.

VAHMS Local Video is a stand-alone video surveillance solution for clients that require a larger number of cameras onsite or wish to keep video recordings and management in-house. After the software and cameras are installed and configured, the operation and management becomes the clients responsibility.

VAHMS Access Control and Static Display.

Increase the power of any VAHMS solution with the addition of VAHMS Access Control which enables you to manage facility access privileges quickly and easily in REAL-TIME over the Web and/or with VAHMS Static Display that allows for continuous viewing of up to 12 cameras at the same time on the same screen – no separate login required.

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