Control Your Own Security in "REAL-TIME" Over the Web.

A VAHMS Hosted Access Control solution eliminates your infrastructure costs such as computer hardware, access control software, networking infrastructure, software OS, anti-virus, updates and annual software service agreements (SSA). M3T hosts your database in our secure data center, while still giving you complete control over your system from any Internet connected computer 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.

Manage your security application on your own terms.

  • Maintain control by using a simple and intuitive web interface
  • Access your system from any web-enabled device – giving you mobility and global availability
  • Schedule when your doors should be armed/disarmed using the online management tool
  • Manage all your cards and request reports
  • Initiate events manually such as "lock doors" in real time for emergency lock down
  • Real-time manual operations on doors, relays and inputs

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If you’re like thousands of business owners or managers, security is NOT your core business. However, it’s obviously a critical business necessity, so it’s important to assess your current situation.

What is your current security situtation?

Ever had these security issues?
  • Doors unlocked on holidays?
  • Problems with PC crashes and too much time spent reconfiguring systems?
  • Employees or visitors granted inappropriate access due to lax policies (buddy system)?
  • You don’t get the reports you need due to lack of training on system?
  • System doesn’t operate as expected?

Do you practice these security “Best Practices”?

Assess Security