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Boon Edam is a global manufacturer of entrance solutions, including safe and energy efficient revolving doors, high security doors & portals; tripod, full height, and optical turnstiles; and access gates. Their 140 years of success can be attributed to quality design & providing unsurpassed service, support and training to their customers & resellers.

M3T offers a range of Boon Edam security entrance solutions that is unmatched in the marketplace today. From simple and durable crowd control turnstiles to aesthetically appealing optical turnstiles and security doors with sophisticated detection sensors, virtually any security need can be solved.

Revolving Doors.
Boon Edam Revolving Doors

Security revolving doors eliminate tailgating and piggybacking while maintaining a high throughput. They include sophisticated sensor systems to ensure single person entry per authorization, eliminating the need for manned security at access points.

Boon Edam's Tourlock security revolving doors integrate with any access control system and provide fast, reliable security at your entrance. Overhead infrared sensors make contact floor mats unnecessary, enabling installation on a finished floor for quick and easy renovation projects.

Available in a wide variety of finishes to match its surroundings, the Tourlock can be found at entrances to corporated headquarters, government buildings and data centers.

For more information call 866.790.0M3T [0638] or email an M3T Security Advisor.

Security Portals.
Boon Edam Security Portals

Security portals directly control pedestrian passage into sensitive areas with low throughput requirements. They feature interlocking doors that allow only one user to enter at a time and can support a second level of access control verification inside the portal to allow entry into the secured area.

Boon Edam's full line of security portals can be found in banks, data centers, government buildings and entrances where only authorized persons are allowed.

Every situtation has specific requirements for which we offer numerous possibilities, such as handicapped access, internal pedestal for secondary access control, Stereovision aniti-piggybacking technology, and bullet resitant glass.

For more information call 866.790.0M3T [0638] or email an M3T Security Advisor.

Optical Turnstiles [Speed Gates].
Boon Edam Revolving Doors

Optical turnstiles combine security access with rapid throughput and are especially effective in areas where large numbers of people need to be monitored. With anti-tailgating sensor technology ranging from simple to sophisticated, they provide discreet control of the flow of visitors or employees when linked with access control systems.

M3T offers a wide range of Boon Edam optical turnstiles to suit many security and throughput requirements. Applications for optical turnstiles include lobbies and more secure areas within corporate, governmental and financial offices, museums, and airport or seaport passenger terminals.

For more information call 866.790.0M3T [0638] or email an M3T Security Advisor.

Full Height Turnstiles.
Boon Edam Full Height Turnstile

Boon Edam offers a variety of full height turnstile models, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in unsupervised areas. Designed to integrate with any access control system, these products are ideal for corporate car parks, transit stations, amusement and leisure parks, playgrounds and stadiums.

For more information call 866.790.0M3T [0638] or email an M3T Security Advisor.

Tripod Turnstiles.
Boon Edam Tripod Turnstile

With simple and robust mechanisms and a wide range of operating parameters, Boon Edam's complete line of tripod turnstiles effectively separate non-secured and secured areas. A choice of operating modes in each direction provides scope for single or two-direction control and a range of models is available to suit virtually any requirement.

All turnstile models are highly reliable, space efficient security barriers, yet offer capacity to integrate with an access control system, display, counter or token operation. The cabinets are simple to install, either directly on the finished floor, mounted on walls or even on temporary portable floors.

Boon Edam's tripod turnstiles can be found in applications such as stadiums and arenas, recreation and amusement parks, and retail and office reception areas.

For more information call 866.790.0M3T [0638] or email an M3T Security Advisor.

Access Gates and Barriers.
Boon Edam Tripod Turnstile

Usually used in conjunction with Boon Edam tripod and full height turnstile productss, access gates and barriers are designed to complete security barrier installation by providing access to handicapped pedestrians or carts and dollies.

Our access gates are available in manual and automatic versions and are ideal for use where controlled bypass of waist high turnstiles or optical turnstiles is required.

For more information call 866.790.0M3T [0638] or email an M3T Security Advisor.

Conception to Maintenance.

Whether you're installing a new entry system or retrofitting an existing one, M3T can be your partner in creating a custom designed solution to meet your specific requirements. We don't just install... Our certified integration technicians will also service and maintain your Boon Edam entrance ensuring its continued operation and efficiency for years after purchase.

Preventive Maintenance.

Boon Edam revolving doors, portals and turnstiles are an important investment, built to last years and even decades. To protect your investment and maintain its safe operation, planned maintenance is extremely important. Preventive maintenance often reveals small issues before they become large, expensive problems. Just as you check the fluids and change the oil in your vehicle, an entrance solution requires continuous care to keep it operating at its best.

M3T recommends maintenance at minimum, once per year depending on the type of entry, age and frequency of usage. Properly maintained entrance systems provide safety, security, convenience and a high degree of reliability. For your convenience, we offer preventive maintenance agreements that can save substantial time and money by reducing costly malfunctions, while extending the operating life and efficiency of your pedestrian control system. An M3T, Boon Edam certified integration technician will visually inspect, test, adjust, and lubricate the revolving door, portal or turnstile and its moving parts.

Contact us at 866.790.0M3T [0638] or email our Service Integration Manager to start a preventive maintenance agreement today!


Your Boon Edam entrance was designed to conform to the latest operating and safety standards. It's important to keep it functioning properly. An out-of-order entrance can lead to: money loss, inconvenienced customers, unhappy employees, potential breaches, and guard employment.

M3T specializes in the service of Boon Edam revolving door, portals and turnstiles. Our certified integration technicians have an in-depth understanding of how these pedestrian control systems operate and how to keep them functioning safely and properly in accordance with manufacturer standards.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing problems with your revolving doors, portals, or turnstiles you should immediately discontinue use. Do not attempt to repair or adjust the unit. Call us, we are a an authorized Boon Edam service provider.

Our primary operating area includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. We also service select clientele outside this core region. Questions? Contact us at 855.790.0M3T [0638] or email our Service Integration Manager. We are here to help you.


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