Integrated Security Management Platform for Windows.

Lenel's Facility Commander Wnx offers powerful, easy-to-use, IT-friendly, integrated security management under the familiar Microsoft Windows® operating environment. It is a complete end-to-end solution for today’s most commonly deployed physical security applications; providing real-time monitoring, command and control, automation, database administration and report management in a single unified system.

Ideally suited for organizations seeking to self-monitor and manage security operations over their IT network infrastructure, Facility Commander Wnx seamlessly integrates access control, photo identification and credentialing, digital video surveillance, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection and visitor management. Through platform standardization and event-driven automation, this powerful solution helps businesses increase security effectiveness, reduce risks and eliminate the hidden costs associated with operating non-integrated security, facilities and business systems.

Facility Commander Wnx is built on Microsoft® technology that makes it easy to implement, operate and support. Open connectivity to its Microsoft SQL Server database with built-in triggers makes it easy to share data securely with HR or other business systems, keeping personnel information and credential status synchronized and up-to-date with all relevant IT infrastructure applications across the enterprise.

Standard Features

Integrated Security Management

  • Seamless integration – a single-platform and open-application architecture integrates the most common physical security applications and supports many third-party systems
  • Fast, effective response – event-driven automation minimizes operator intervention and expedites information delivery
  • Reduced costs – event verification avoids unnecessary and time-consuming followup; common interface style reduces training needs; reuse of existing video infrastructure cuts installation costs; automatic software updates reduce IT involvement

Easy Photo Identification and Credentialing

  • AIntegrated personnel enrollment and management process
  • Device tree aids situational awareness
  • Single database for employees, contractors and visitors
  • Capture and display personnel photos and signatures
  • Design, print and issue fully customized photo ID cards

Flexible Graphics Monitoring and Control

  • Quickly import AutoCAD (.dxf) files to create accurate interactive site maps that display security system activity in real time
  • Create and manipulate site map layers to filter out unnecessary information and display clean, uncluttered facility views
  • Easily tailor site maps with custom multi-state device icons

Powerful Digital Video Surveillance

  • Integrated command and control of IP-deployed video recorders
  • User-programmable camera automation and event recording
  • Automatic live video pop-up upon alarms
  • On-screen pan-tilt-zoom and video playback controls
  • Post event ad hoc search queries
  • Create auto play evidence CD of recorded event clips
  • Video analytics alarmss
  • Video health monitoring events


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