Key Storage Systems

Custom Key Storage and Monitoring Solutions.

M3T offers a variety of high security key box solutions that house, protect, and monitor keys, cards and other valuable items. Our key management systems range from simple mechanical key boxes to high end electronic key cabinets. Control and monitor valuable assets, important areas, equipment, and/or machinery using high security, electronically configured cabinets. All electronic key boxes contain built-in network technology for integration into your access control software. Key boxes can be accessed with a card reader or card/pin reader and controlled via the Lenel system or in many cases your existing card access system leveraging existing cards and cardholder database. You decide who has permission to remove each key and you will always know when and by whom any key was taken.

Custom Designed Solutions.

We specialize in engineering custom design solutions to fit your specific need. Each box can be tailored to hold anywhere between 2-96 keys. If desired, both key and card slots can be included in the electronic key box. Extra space can also be added to each box to store items such as phones, tools, fire arms, or other valuable materials or data. Key boxes are a cost-effective solution for securing assets without the need to extend automated access controls or card readers on each individual entry way. They are ideal for healthcare facilities, government agencies, casinos, hotels, financial institutions, corporate buildings, control rooms, correctional facilities, educational institutions, and automotive businesses.

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How Key Boxes Work.

Electronic key boxes may include built-in access keypads, biometric identifiers, or card readers. Individual keys in the box are assigned to one or more users based on pre-determined rules. Each key is secured to the panel individually which prevents unauthorized users from accessing keys that are not assigned to them. Lights are used to indicate which keys are available to the user. Keys are electronically released after a user’s ID has been authenticated. That’s all there is to it!

IP video cameras can also be integrated - providing an additional layer of security.

Our Solutions.
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