Vehicle Gate Systems

Vehicle Gate Systems For Perimeter Protection.

Gates are an excellent way to secure and control who has access to your property. Securing the perimeter of your facility protects not only your assets, but your personnel as well. Access control devices (card readers, key pads, intercoms systems, etc.) and License Plate Recognition (LPR) can be easily integrated into most gate systems – providing added security, convenience and eliminating the need for extra personnel. At M3T Corporation, we are specialists in designing, installing, maintaining and repairing a diverse selection of gates and automatic gate openers for clients throughout our operating region.


  • Swing and Slide Gate Operators – full range of chain and hydraulic options
  • Vertical Pivot Lift (VPL) Gates – security for the tightest of layouts
  • Barrier Gates – traditional vehicle parking control barriers
  • Anti-Terror Crash and Crash Barrier Systems – for high security areas and facilities
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) Software – vehicle tagging systems for speed and convenience
Swing and Slide Gate Systems.

Swing and slide gates open smoothly, quietly and within their full width, allowing access across the whole gate area. A wrought iron gate, or any type of vehicular gate, equipped with an electric or hydraulic gate operator safely and reliably takes over the opening and closing of the gate.

One of the biggest decisions to make is choosing between a swing or slide gate system. Both are viable options depending on the area where the gate will be installed.

A swing operator is used when a gate (or two gates) open inward or outward away from the closed position. Swing Gate Operators range from light to heavy-duty depending on the size of the entrance and quantity of open/close cycles. From the simple residential post mounted swing gate operators to the heavy duty pad mounted industrial units, M3T can provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Slide gates must run parallel to a fence or wall. They are a great alternative solution when space is limited and a swing gate is not possible.

Vertical Pivot Lift (VPL) Gate Systems.

Due to their unique design and operation, Vertical Pivot Lift (VPL) Gates are the perfect solution for areas with limited horizontal space or for any high security application where swing and slide gates are not feasible and there are no overhead obstructions.

Vertical Pivot Lift gates are carefully designed to enhance the existing landscape and are appropriate in almost any application where vehicles and/or pedestrians need to be controlled. Because the Vertical Pivot Lift pivots open 90 degrees, less space is necessary for installation and operation. Vertical Pivot Lifts operate in all weather conditions including extreme heat and cold as well as snow and are adaptable to any terrain including mountains, uneven driveways, and drainage swales and can easily be fabricated for sloping roads, curb notching, rail-road track notching, racking, etc.

Additional security features include anti-climb designs and models with open and close cycles that range from 7-12 seconds, depending on the style and length. Vertical Pivot Lift (VPL) Gate Systems are compatible with most access control systems as well as emergency entry devices used by Municipalities, Police and Fire departments.

Barrier, Crash and Crash Barrier Gate Systems.
Barrier Gates

When frequent access is essential, a barrier style operator can be utilized. Whether used in airports, parking lots/garages, or office buildings, barrier gates prevent vehicles from entering without proper authorization – efficiently managing entry without hampering busy traffic flow. They can be used as a single arm only or designed with integration to a slide or swing operator to prevent additional cars from entering a specified area prior to the previous car leaving.

Crash and Crash Barrier Gates.

M3T's offerings include DOD, DOS and DOT certified anti-terrorist crash gates and crash barrier gates able to withstand M-50 (K12), M-40 (K8) and M30 (K4) rated crashes. These gates are designed to prevent vehicles from impacting or impeding into a certain area protecting buildings and the people inside them. The difference between crash barrier gates and conventional barrier gates you find in parking lots and garages is the ability to withstand a heavier impact and inhibit vehicles from breeching the point of impact.

Conception to Maintenance.

Whether you're installing a new gate system or retrofitting an existing one, M3T can provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs. Our certified technicians can install, service and repair swing/slide gates, vertical piviot lift (VPL) gates, and barrier/crash barrier gates from manufacturers such as: AutoGate, HySecurity, EPS, Viking and more.

Preventive Maintenance.

To ensure your gate system functions properly and adheres to current safety regulations, planned maintenance is extremely important. Preventive maintenance often reveals small issues before they become large, expensive problems. M3T recommends maintenance at minimum, once per year depending on the type of gate, age and frequency of usage. Properly maintained gate systems provide safety, security, convenience and a high degree of reliability.

M3T offers customized preventive maintenance programs that can save substantial time and money by reducing costly malfunctions, while extending the operating life and efficiency of your gate. An M3T certified technician will visually inspect, test, adjust, and lubricate the gate and its moving parts.

Contact us at 866.790.0M3T [0638] or email our Service Integration Manager to start a preventive maintenance agreement today!


Your gate system was designed to conform to the lastest operating and safety standards. It's important to keep it functioning properly. M3T specializes in automatic gate service and repair from all manufacurers. Our authorized technicians have an in-depth understanding of how these gate systems operate and how to keep them functioning safely and properly.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing problems with your automatic gate, you should immediately discontinue use of the gate. Do not attempt to repair or adjust the gate. Call an authorized automatic gate technician for service.

Our primary operating area includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. We also service select clientele outside this core region. Questions? Contact us at 855.790.0M3T [0638] or email our Service Integration Manager. We are here to help you.

M3T offers a wide range of gate solutions that are appropriate in almost any application where vehicles and/or pedestrians need to be controlled. An M3T Security Advisor can help you select and implement the right solution, while staying within your budget.
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